Breast Massage

For most women, their breasts are very important for their self-esteem and sense of well being. The breasts form a focal point for a woman’s belief in her attractiveness to men and her fulfillment of the role of motherhood. Over and above having breasts in good health, most women want to have breasts with high sex appeal – large, round, firm and shapely. For this reason, breast augmentation surgery has become the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, despite the high costs and often the need for repeat surgery.

For a woman who is unhappy with the size and/or shape of her breasts, there are alternatives to implant surgery, which are far more economical, are safer and free of side effects. Two such options, which are now well known, are the herbal breast enhancement products known as Miracle Bust and Breast Actives. What is perhaps not so well known is that it is possible to enhance the appearance of the breasts and, at the same time help to keep them healthy, by breast massage. The practice of massaging women’s breasts has long been followed in India and other countries of Asia. Breast massaging is documented in the texts of the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda.

Massaging the breasts has to be done with care as the breast tissues are delicate. However, when correctly and carefully done, using light to moderate pressure, breast massage is totally safe and beneficial. Breast massage can make drooping breasts firm, help keep them healthy, and help maintain hormonal balance in the female body. The procedure for the massage is basically fairly simple.

While a woman can effectively massage her own boobs, it is usually better done by another person. Since the breasts have to be bared for the massage procedure, it is necessary to ensure privacy while having the massage. The woman can either be sitting or lying down while the massage is done, as per her own preference.

The entire massage procedure is to be done on one breast at a time. It is essential to use massage oil for lubrication to eliminate friction on the skin and the resultant discomfort. So, the first step in the breast massage is the application of the oil to one of the breasts. This should be done with circular movements of the hands on the breast, going from the nipples towards the underarm. It must be ensured that only light pressure is used on the breast.

Once the breast is fully covered and well lubricated with the oil, the massaging can progress to the second step. This is done by lifting the breast from the chest and pressing gently with both hands to knead the breast. Another way to accomplish this step is to hold the breast with both hands and very gently twist and wring it.

For the third step of massaging, the massage giver should try to scoop the fibres of the breast with the flat of the fingertips in circular motions. The movements should first be clockwise and then counter-clockwise, and performed with great gentleness.

For the final step of the massage, the breast has to be stroked with the fingertips and smoothened. The fingertips should move from the center towards the side. This is the cooling phase and should create a sense of relaxation and a “feel good” factor in the receiver of the massage.

When all four stages have been completed on one breast, all the steps are to be repeated on the second breast. When massaging is finally completed on both breasts, the receiver of the massage should drink plenty of water.

It is very important to be gentle and to use minimum pressure while massaging the breasts. Otherwise, the process can cause discomfort or even pain. Pressure that causes pain must always be avoided.

When correctly done, breast massage can be a rewarding procedure. It promotes good breast health and a firm and sexy appearance.

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